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Used Equipment Specifications-

backhoe-1 Detailed Specifications and Information

L35 Industrial Tractor - loader - backhoe
Maximum ground speed of tractor:  15.2 mph
Engine:  (liquid-cooled diesel)   Kubota E-TVCS 3-cylinder
Horsepower (gross):  35
Displacement (cubic inches):  100.5
Overall length:  223.2" (18.6 feet)
Overall width:  66.1"
Height (from the ground to top of canopy roof):  91.5"
Wheelbase:  67.3"
Transmission:  Glideshift, shift on the go "simple" shuttle, 8 speeds (forward & reverse)

Standard Equipment includes:
Power steering
Three point hitch and hardware
Live Power Take Off (PTO)
Standard four post Roll Over Protection System (ROP) and Falling Object Protection (FOP)
(roll bar/ metal canopy roof and seat belt system)
R4 industrial type tires
Heavy duty steel wheels
Grille Guard
Heavy Duty Steel Hood - sloped design for maximum operator visibility

Kubota Model TL720 Front End Loader Assembly:
Frame mounted (not quick attach type)
Joystick control valve with float feature
Grille Guard
66" Standard bucket (with removable and reversible blade - beveled without teeth)
Maximum lift height:  105.5"
Attachment rollback angle (degrees):  45
Lift capacity at full hHeight (pounds):  1,653
Breakout force (pounds):  2,745
Material bucket:  66"
Overall width:  66.14"
Capacity, struck (cubic feet):  10.94
Capacity, heaped (cubic feet):  13.41

Model BT900 Backhoe Assembly
Frame mounted quick disconnect system
Powered by tractor hydraulic system and connects with two hoses
Digging depth (SAE):  110.3"
Swing arc (degrees):  180
Loading height:  93.8"
Digging force using bucket cylinder:  4,970 lbs
Bucket Size:  18"
Optional bucket sizes:  12", 16", 24", 30", 36"
Boom swing mechanism:  2-cylinder trunion type

Weights (approximate):
Weight of L35 with loader and backhoe attached:  5997 lbs
Weight of L35 without backhoe:  4800 lbs
Weight of backhoe assembly only:  1197 lbs
Weight of loader assembly only:  1200 lbs
Weight of standard loader bucket:  282 lbs
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