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Web Page Design Process

The Ten Step Design Process we use to get your website up and keep it running are: 

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Purpose for the Web Site
Domain Registration
Hosting ISP's
Page Titles
Sales Aids
Site Text

1. Determine the purpose of your web site and its content. A good start is to clearly identify your mission statement and what activities will make it economically successful. For example, are you selling products directly? If so, do you need a Shopping Cart and Merchant Account to process credit card transactions? Or, do you need to your product list generated from a dynamic on-line database? Do you want to provide other related information to your clients, customers and advertising? Identifying your business mission first is the most important decision you need to make before you invest in making something happen on the Internet.

2. Choose and register your domain name. (i.e.;  We will check the availability of your domain name choices and help you choose one that is most relevant and best suited to your needs.

3. Hosting your web site. Your site needs to be available 24 hours a day. A steady flow of customer contacts and resulting sales opportunities depend on it. Thus, your goal should be to have your web site hosted on a very reliable and secure web server.

4. Plan out the number of pages and their page titles. Browse through Delorey Consulting Group LLC web site to get a feel for this. We have designed the site to demonstrate a variety of approaches for illustrative purposes to show various navigation techniques and displays of information. Our PHP/MYSQL site validates according to W3C HTML world standards. Some search engines consider this in evaluating a site. Our site is richly driven by Cascading Style Sheets (CSSs) for ease of maintenance. We have used many "Server Side Includes" to maintain consistency of presentation. These are all state-of-the-art tools that any new site should use. From a navigation standpoint, notice that there is more than one way to get to an given major page. Other good navigation techniques are buttons, bars, bubbles, images and "mouse-overs" located on the side, top and/or bottom of each page. Pages should have titles or some common theme in order for your site visitors to easily understand the purpose and content you wish to convey and how navigation is accomplished. Short titles such as "Products", "Services", "Contact, etc." are for navigation and long titles will head each page. If your not sure on how to go about this, we can suggest alternatives, such as using a "story board", to best support your site requirements and goals.

5. Sales aids such as your company logo and letterhead should be a part of you web site. We can incorporate your logos, trademarks, service marks, etc. into you web site so it has the same "touch and feel" as your other marketing materials. This makes your web site a uniform extension of your business. If you don't have of these materials yet, we can help you design them for a flat fee or on an hourly rate basis. We also can design hard copy brochures for you to compliment your web site.

6. Choose the graphics you want on your site and which pages your want them on.  We can use your own photographs or digital images in this regard or we can use or modify our library of "stock" suit your needs. Depending on your needs, we can implement your graphics needs with our digital or film photographic services. We can also have your requirements implemented by our professional graphics designers (these can be either hand sketched originals or computer generated). These such additions make your site truly unique and distinguish you from your competition.

7. Compose text to be on each page of site or simply give us sales materials that you already have. It is best to have such text well organized and clearly representative of your services or products.

8. Decide if you want any additional options for your site: site-map, guestbook, links to related sites, video clips, gif animation, forms, scrollers & effects, autoresponders. These features are important to define early because adding them later requires considerably more work. You should carefully consider using animated graphics: it has been our experience that many potential site visitors (i.e., potential customers) are annoyed by unnecessary screen activity. In addition, many older browsers do not support such animations or site visitors have simply turned-off certain features in their browser. In this case, your presentation and the information presented by it will be lost.

9. Do some "META tag" research on the World Wide Web (WWW). Good META tags effectively tell search engines that your site is important. You need to have your site come up ahead of your competition. Search Engines are probably the single most important element after building your website because they bring customers to you. The best way to illustrate this is for you to do a number of searches using search engines such as Google, Dogpile and Yahoo, and using keywords that you think are best for a site like yours. Look to see what sites come up in terms of your competition. We have the in-house resources to write the Meta Tags that will best help you to compete with these these high-ranking sites.

10. Maintenance is a major factor most websites require and benefit from. Our clients prefer us to do the maintenance of their websites so they can concentrate on their busineess. Along these lines, we can help translate your requirements into a fully functional extension of your business on the Internet, including fresh graphics, content updates, "what's new" sections, product updates and general expansion and/or innovative elements. We use a professional approach and presentation in our site work. We have found that this is a key factor that keeps people coming back to your site. We have resources that know how to effectively use Internet software. So, you will not need to know anything about HTML, PHP, CSS design, MYSQL database support, Photoshop editing, Dreamweaver MX web page production, Microsoft applications software (e.g., Access, PowerPoint, Word, IE), WordPerfect word processing, browsers (e.g., Mozilla, Opera, Netscape), FTP uploading.downloading, Adobe and other computer know-how (installing and removing programs, setting up folders, virus protection, identifying and cleaning off spyware from your hard drive, etc..).

We are also ready, willing and able to design your site, maintain it, change it, update it or enhance it. We are always available to resolve any problems you might run into. We are happy to offer personal support before, during and after completion of your website.

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