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How Much WIll It Cost?
The Delorey.Com web design and development services are perfect if you need a small business or personal web site. All of our web sites are hosted on our own PCI compliant dedicated Linux web servers which provide excellent response times. Our primary goal is 100% client satisfaction at an affordable price. Our website services include web site design or redesign, layout, banners & logo design, custom graphics and forms, content creation, effective search engine optimization [SEO] services, web hosting and domain acquisition.

 Basic "Contact" Website
    (1 Annual Payment)
Includes producing a concise three or four page informational and marketing web site using your marketing materials (graphics, text, etc.) that identifies your business to potential customers. We provide you with a web site, host the site for a year, and give you an email account. It's that simple. Some example sites:   [site #1]   [site #2 ]   [site #3]   [site #4]   [site #5]  
$199.95 per year
 Basic Integrated Shopping Cart & "Contact" Website
    (1 Annual Payment)
Includes producing a concise four to six page informational and marketing web site using your marketing materials (graphics, text, etc.) that identifies your business to potential customers and the On-Line Shopping Cart identified below that you maintain. We provide you with a web site, host the site for a year, and give you up to five email accounts. It's that simple. [Demonstration Site]
  Note: requires a SSL certificate - see below. 
$49.95 per month
 Custom Website
    (1 Year Commitment)
Includes producing an informational and marketing web site that best fits your needs. This approach provides you with a web site now and you pay for it over the long term. You get a custom designed web site, one or more email accounts and on-going monthly support to keep your site current. Site size, anticipated page dynamics, number of email accounts and site traffic result in higher production, maintenance and operational costs to us. Thus, these factors are primarily what determines monthly rate quotes.
$19.95 to $249.95
(per month)
 Website Hosting Depending on the size of your web site and the resources required to support it, Website Hosting includes Internet hosting of your domain name with your own web site or one we have designed for you. Most folks only need our Basic Level of traffic.
  Basic Level: 2Gb of storage with 200Gb of monthly transfers. 
$14.95 to $24.95
(per month)
 Secure Sockets Layer
 (SSL) Certificates
Includes installing and maintaining SSL certification. Pricing is a function of the type of certificate, the duration period purchased, the third party provider and whether or not you already have a SSL certificate.
(per month)
On-Line Shopping Cart Includes building and maintaining the product database, producing the product images and installing the shopping cart module. Clients may provide additional or substitute imaging and graphics as required. We manage your on-line shopping cart (add/change/delete inventory items) or we can provide you with an easy-to-use interface to your shopping cart inventory - no programming skills are required!
$24.95 *
(per month)
 Mailing List Service Includes building and maintaining the email database, processing "remove" requests as required by law, setting up an HTML compliant template to support your email content and installing the bulk mailer module.
  Includes: up to 3,000 email addresses & sent once per month. 
$24.95 *
(per month)
 Personal Email Hosting Includes a special personal email hosting account using your name or other easily identifiable domain name [if available], such as "". This account also provides a "Contact Form" emailer which allows others to email you from virtually anywhere using only a web browser..
(per month)
 On-Line Event Calendar Includes building and maintaining an on-line calendar database and installing the calendar module. We can provide you with an easy-to-use interface to your calendar if your want to update it yourself or exceed the included limits - no programming skills are required!
  Note: Maintaining up to 30 events per month is included 
$24.95 *
(per month)
 Search Engine
 Optimization Tool
Includes installation and maintenance of the tool, and the monthly adjustment of web site paramaters to make your web site most attractive to the major search engines.
(per month)
 Domain Acquisition
    (One-Time Fee)
Includes searching for the best choices in domain names for your business or purpose and associated registration fees.
 Domain Name
 Private Registration
Includes registering your domain name for you as "Registration Private" to protect your personal privacy. Your domain name will remain yours in all respects, except that the various public "whois" servers will not routinely display your personal identity information.
(per year)
 New Projects
    Contract Project Work 
Design, Development and Implementation of New Projects.
(per hour)
 Enhancements &
    Contract Project Work 
Upgrades, Enhancements, Redesigns, New Features, etc.
(per hour)
    Contract Project Work 
Training, Course Development and In-Service Work
(per hour)
* Monthly rates include full support. Lower levels of support are avialable at reduced rates.
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