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Delorey Consulting Group LLC was founded in 1991 to provide clients with a marketing platform consisting of a comprehensive Internet web design hosted on one of our dedicated web servers with full email capabilities, along with servicing their telephony engineering, maintenance and construction requirements. DCG LLC specializes in providing business, and business-to-business, Secure-Server SSL protected ecommerce Internet shopping carts. Please vist our demonstration site to see how simple it is to get started selling your products and services.

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The Delorey.Com web design and development services are perfect if you need a small business or personal web site. All of our web sites are hosted on our own PCI compliant dedicated Linux web servers which provide excellent response times. Our primary goal is 100% client satisfaction at an affordable price. Our website services include web site design or redesign, layout, banners & logo design, custom graphics and forms, content creation, effective search engine optimization [SEO] services, web hosting and domain acquisition.

Our clients have found that we have the experience to meet the needs of their respective business plans and goals. Our business model is vastly different from our competitors - Delorey.Com will build your web site at no charge and we do not have commitment contracts. This approach ensures our commitment to our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Delorey.Com now hosts sites in excess of 1000 pages featuring scores of menu items and we have handled clients with nearly 100,000 on-line available products.

Our on-line comprehensive and integrated shopping cart software is PCI compliant, SSL [secure socket layer] protected, reliable, safe and easy to use for both clients and client customers. Our clients are in a wide array of market areas including: restaurants and food services, real estate, sewing and embroidery equipment, vacuums, computers, fabrics, politics, auto repair, legal services, home services and many others. The common thread is that Delorey.Com takes care of their client`s Internet needs, and in return, Delorey.Com clients get to spend more time focusing on their business goals. Please visit some of the sites we have designed and currently maintain.
A sample of web sites hosted on our dedicated web servers:
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